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Dr Fabian NABUGOOMU is an Associate Professor of Statistics and Applied Computing, and currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University responsible for Finance and Administration. Formerly he was Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uganda Christian University from 2006 to 2012, and Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Mathematics at Makerere University from 2000 to 2005. He has extensive experience in value-based leadership and result oriented management at institutions of Higher Education.

Prof Nabugoomu obtained his PhD in Statistics (1994) from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland under the supervision of Prof H D Patterson, a Master of Science in Statistics from University of Guelph in Canada under the supervision of Prof O B Allen and a Bachelor of Statistics degree from Makerere University.


Mixed model methodology has wide applications to complex data arising from series of Agricultural experiments. Often such experiments are long term and so the trials are grouped by years or seasons. The basic analysis is straightforward as it assumes a linear model with homogeneous variances. When these basic assumptions are violated and modifications are required in the methods of analysis. These modifications and their implementation are reported in Patterson & Nabugoomu, 1992, Nabugoomu, Kempton & Talbot, 1998, and Theobald, Talbot &Nabugoomu, 2002. My current interests are in experimental designs for industrial applications, Complex Survey data and longitudinal data Analysis (continuous, discrete and multivariate). I have extensive experience in Statistical Computing and data analysis using any of the modern Statistical packages such as SPSS, Genstat, R and SAS.